4KA Global


4KA GLOBAL is a foreign trade company that imports and exports more than 20,000 FMCG (Fast Consumer Goods) products in and around the country. By collaborating with suppliers and supermarket chains, we bring the products of more than 500 well-known international manufacturer brands to consumers. We continue to grow with the steps we take in foreign trade and the rational and future-oriented decisions we make.

We meet the demands of our customers with the storage areas we have. You can always find 100% original and bandrolled products at 4KA GLOBAL.


We constantly follow international markets, carefully select sources and purchase products at the most attractive prices. We believe in the power of well-known global brands and the highest quality of the products we trade.


We take care of exported products and transport them quickly and safely all over the world. We understand our customers' needs and provide the highest level of service to customers worldwide.


With modern infrastructure and a team of professionals, we offer comprehensive logistics and transportation services at the highest level. All the solutions we offer are created individually for each customer.

the market research

Our services are primarily based on collaboration. We help our customers better understand the business mechanisms that govern their operations.


We can meet your high volume demands immediately. We respond to your requests with the products we keep in our voluminous storage areas.


We work with customers all over the world. Import and export department, foreign offices enable us to provide comprehensive services in a professional and effective manner. We can reach you wherever you are.


We offer customs services at the highest level. Our offer includes: export and import authorization, customs warehousing services, declarations and many other activities.


All of our products are 100% original products purchased from main manufacturers.